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The Best Po’Boy Sandwiches in Hattiesburg

The po’boy sandwich was originally created to feed the mouths of hungry strikers. Today, the sandwich is a popular food item on menus across the nation. Here are our top three places to grab po’boy sandwiches in Hattiesburg, MS. 

E & L’s Triangle Seafood and Po Boys

There’s nothing fancy or classy about E & L’s Triangle Seafood and Po Boys. This popular little spot has made a name for itself amongst the community with fresh seafood and authentic southern recipes. Customers can choose from 11 different po’boy options, such as shrimp, soft shell crab, roast beef, and oyster. E & L’s Triangle Seafood is open for takeout from Monday through Saturday.

Poboy Express

Poboy Express is located 15 minutes away from our apartments in Hattiesburg. Their menu features over 20 different po’boy sandwiches. Try something new like the Pizza Steak Po’ Boy. Then, order through the phone or online, from Monday through Saturday. Come in for pickup or delivery!

Southern Seafood Co

Southern Seafood Co is a family-owned as well as operated business that’s just a short drive away from our Hattiesburg apartments. This quaint eatery and market offer a handful of traditional po’boy options that are made with fresh ingredients to bring out authentic southern flavors. Sandwiches are large enough to share and served with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. Southern Seafood Co is open for takeout from Monday through Saturday.

Pickup a po’boy to go and head on over to a nearby park to enjoy the natural beauty of Mississippi. Then, for more information on Breckenridge Park Apartments, contact us today.

SMS: Savor the south with mouthwatering po’boy sandwiches in Hattiesburg. Get them from one of our favorite local eateries, like E & L’s Triangle Seafood and Po Boys. Then follow them on Instagram @TriangleSeafood

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