Jazz musicians performing for Delta Blues Museum virtual tours.

Explore Mississippi’s Delta Blues Museum from Your Hattiesburg Apartment

Some people consider the blues one of Mississippi’s greatest cultural treasures. In fact, this unique musical genre comes from a long and fascinating history. That’s why music, as well as history lovers alike, adore the Delta Blues Museum located in Clarksdale. You can explore the exciting Mississippi Delta Blues Museum right from our apartments in Hattiesburg. Their extensive collection of virtual tours includes:

The Blues and the Great Migration Virtual Field Trip

Produced by Mississippi filmmaker Joe York, this virtual field trip takes you through the impact the Great Migration had on the blues as well as music overall. In the early twentieth century, as Black people spread out across the country, the blues was transformed from regional music into a “global tidal wave.” You’ll follow the journey of blues icons who ended up leaving the Mississippi River Delta. 

Blues Legend Muddy Waters

Speaking of icons, Muddy Waters remains one of the most celebrated blues musicians today. In this virtual field trip, you’ll learn all about Muddy Waters’s life and music. What’s more, this video (also produced by Joe York) features many fascinating images as well as artifacts from the Delta Blues Museum’s exhibitions. Giving you a unique look into the story of Muddy’s life. 

B.B. King and More

The B.B. King virtual tour shines as part of a series in which local blues musicians talk about how different legends influenced them. Hosted by tour guide Anthony “Big A” Sherrod, you’ll get a fascinating peek into the world of blues as well as the impact that guitarist and singer B.B. King truly made. Other similar videos also include features on Josh “Razorblade” Stewart, Mr. Johnnie Billington, and others.

If you find yourself humming a tune after virtually visiting this Mississippi museum, sign up for an online music class.

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