Father and daughter feeding a giraffe at one of the animal attractions in Hattiesburg.

See Your Favorite Animals at Hattiesburg Zoo and Other Destinations

Although our apartments in Hattiesburg, MS, are pet friendly, dogs and cats aren’t the only animals you want to see. When you’re ready to check out unique animal attractions in the Hattiesburg area, this list has you covered! In fact, numerous animals call the local area home. 

Hattiesburg Zoo

The largest animal attraction in the area is the Hattiesburg Zoo. You can pay a daily admission fee or opt for the annual pass if you plan on visiting regularly. Snakes, alligators, owls, eagles, monkeys, jaguars, flamingos, pigs, tigers, as well as giraffes, make up just a small portion of the creatures found within the available exhibits. Every continent is represented by the species found at this zoo. Additional attractions are also available. You can pay a separate fee to try the high ropes adventure course, take a train ride through the area, or enjoy the splash pad. 

Perfectly Pettable Party Animals & Pony Rides

Let the animals come to you with Perfectly Pettable Party Animals & Pony Rides. Find a space at a local park or another venue where animals are allowed, and you can rent some animal entertainment for your occasion. Lots of Hattiesburg residents utilize the company for birthday parties, in particular. Ponies, goats, chickens, as well as bunnies, are a few of the critters you’ll come across.

Southern Pines Animal Shelter

You can always head down to the Southern Pines Animal Shelter and spend some time with the creatures there. Volunteer opportunities abound, giving you the option to help out at the facility and get to know some new furry friends. If you don’t want to work with the animals directly, you can always sign up to be on the lawn crew — keeping the place looking great to invite more people inside.

Not in the mood to leave home? If you’re looking for more ways to see animal attractions in Hattiesburg, don’t forget that the Hattiesburg zoo offers virtual visit opportunities. See the sloths anytime you want via the zoo’s live cam, right from our Hattiesburg apartments! Breckenridge Park awaits you. Contact us to learn more.

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