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Visit the Past and Present with 3 Historic Activities in Hattiesburg

With a plethora of museums, cultural centers, and historic trails, Hattiesburg’s rich culture has something everyone will love. Our apartments in Hattiesburg, MS, are the perfect place to call home as you experience the sights and sounds of past and present.¬†Some of our favorite historic activities in Hattiesburg include:

Experience the 1964 Freedom Summer Trail

The Civil Rights Movement may be the most significant social movement in American history. Freedom Summer was the 1964 voter registration drive held across Mississippi, and Hattiesburg was one of its largest sites. Each site on the 1964 Freedom Summer Trail and audio tour tells the stories of the people directly involved in the activities that ultimately led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Check Out the Historic Downtown Walking Tour

There is so much to see in Downtown Hattiesburg. For a guided experience, the Historic Downtown Walking Tour offers a two-hour stroll through the city. It’s where you can witness the awe-inspiring architecture, public art, as well as historic landmarks. Among the tour’s highlights include the Saenger Theater, originally built in 1929 for silent films. It also includes the historic Hattiesburg Train Depot, where travel began in 1910 and continues as an Amtrak station. To book the tour, call the Hattiesburg Visitors Center.¬†

Visit ‘The Spirit that Builds’ Mural

Suspended 35 feet above the atrium floor of the Hattiesburg Library is a 167-foot, circular mural painted by internationally renowned Hattiesburg artist, William Baggett. Architect Larry Albert made the building plans in the early 1990s. But Baggett proposed the mural and began the two-year preliminary design process. His inspiration for the mural was the region’s people as well as their spirit of cooperation. Thus, giving it the name, The Spirit that Builds. The spanning illustration of the railroad city is a vibrant and visual representation of local history you don’t want to miss. 

After having fun at these historic activities in Hattiesburg, find even more incredible local art on this public art trail. It’s complete with painted wall murals, sculptures, as well as utility box creations. Contact us today to find out how you can join our community and experience all our Hattiesburg apartments have to offer. 

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