Young woman during a self-defense training with a male professional in one of the best martial arts studios in Hattiesburg.

Learn Self-Defense from These Martial Arts Studios in Hattiesburg

Taking martial arts classes can be so rewarding. You increase your fitness while at the same time getting fighting skills that might be useful if you find yourself in a bind. Furthermore, they can teach you discipline in your daily life. Luckily, for residents who are interested, there are a few martial arts studios near our apartments in Hattiesburg, MS.

Team Hopkins Hattiesburg

The Team Hopkins Hattiesburg martial arts studio is one of the closest options to home. As such, it works for anyone who wants to keep their drive times short. Notably, it teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and thus you’ll be focusing more on chokes, strangles, joint locks, and more. Also, the classes are available as well as conducive for people of all ages.

Graham MMA

If you’re interested in mixed martial arts, then the Graham MMA studio seems like the best bet. It offers the equipment, space, and instructors to take you from a complete novice to a pro fighter. In addition to the mixed martial arts, there are also Gi and no-Gi jiu-jitsu classes. As such, you can feel out a couple of different martial arts styles before settling on the one you like.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts

The Tiger Rocks Martial Arts Center is another option for learners at different skill levels. There are learning options for different age groups, ranging from the “Tiger Cubs” program for the youngest learners to Adult programs. The studio offers dedicated instructors and even flexible scheduling for those who need it. Furthermore, there are regular competitive opportunities for members.

Notably, practicing self-defense in these martial arts studios in Hattiesburg tends to work up an appetite, so you might want some local ethnic restaurants on your speed dial. If you find the idea of calling Breckenridge Park your new home, contact us today. We can help bridge any information gaps you may have about our Hattiesburg apartments!

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