Group of friends teaming up for a game of paintball in Hattiesburg.

Visit Eagle Action Sportz for a Game of Paintball in Hattiesburg

Paintball provides entertainment and exercise all in one. You’ll burn tons of calories during the 60 minutes or more you spend on the field. Eagle Action Sportz—a veteran-owned paintball park near our Hattiesburg apartments—is the top option in the area of its kind and opened in 2017. With countless objects to hide behind, everyone has a fair shot of making it out unscathed. You’ll have ample opportunities to best your opponents. 

Fun for Players and Spectators

Playing is, of course, recommended, but you can come to watch as well. Spectators can sit at the provided picnic tables under the covered staging area and get a great view of the game at play. Players get to utilize one of the four field options. The tournament field is the most challenging. There is also a hyperball field and a recreational field. Cowboy Town is set up with an Old West feel for some themed fun. 

Take a Virtual Tour

Before you head in for your timeslot, take a virtual tour. The Hattiesburg website features Eagle Action as one of its top attractions in town. You can see one of the field options and put a plan in place for which objects make the most sense to hide behind before you even start your session.

Rent or Buy

If you already have your own paintball equipment and it meets safety standards, you can use it at Eagle Action. This applies to equipment only though, not paint! If you don’t have your own supplies, everything is available for you to rent during your game. You can also buy your equipment from the facility. They have an online shop with some of the best gear available. 

After enjoying a game of paintball in this premier spot in Hattiesburg, try some more additional outdoor entertainment like disc golf in the area. In fact, plenty of options exist near our apartments in Hattiesburg, MS. Contact us to learn more about joining the Breckenridge Park community and being close to so many fun hotspots in town.

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