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Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Hattiesburg Parks

Everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy while also staying safe right now, and outdoor activities like hiking and biking allow you to do just that. Our apartments in Hattiesburg are close to nature of all kinds, including some wonderful parks. Here are just a few beautiful Hattiesburg parks you can explore today.

Eubanks Preserve

Just a twelve-mile drive from Breckenridge Park, the Eubanks Preserve offers a 1.5-mile hiking path around Lake Thoreau. The Eubanks Preserve consists of a total of 131 acres and is a great spot for birdwatching in addition to hiking. The University of Southern Mississippi operates the nature preserve, and also offer fishing for a small fee at Lake Thoreau. It is a popular site for bass fishing. 

Petal River Park

Located in Petal, Mississippi, Petal River Park is just ten minutes away from our Hattiesburg apartments. This park is known for its mountain biking trail, which features more than six miles of track and different paths. While biking along the trail, which is accessible to novice and experienced riders alike, you can see the beauty of Mississippi’s trees, ponds, and rivers. If you aren’t a mountain biker, Petal River Park features walking trails as well. 

Chain Park

If you want to be outside without venturing too far into the woods, check out Chain Park at Twin Forks. This 37-acre park features several paved walking trails that wind through the trees and lead to views of the river. With large stretches of open flat land, Chain Park is a great spot for a walk or a relaxing, socially distanced picnic. 

The natural beauty of Mississippi can be safely enjoyed at these parks that are just a short drive from our Hattiesburg apartments. To learn about more local fun, like delicious local bakeries, check out our blog. For more information about calling Breckenridge Park your home, please contact us today. 

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