Female professional working in one of the pet care services in Hattiesburg, attending to a dog's grooming needs.

Attend to Your Pet’s Needs and Visit These Pet Care Services in Hattiesburg

Pet owners know all too well that tending to the needs of a domestic animal involves a year-round commitment. However, summertime raises demands for a few services in particular. Thanks to the following pet care services near our Hattiesburg apartments, neither the onset of seasonal shedding nor the longing for an out-of-town vacation would require residents to send their furry friends very far for grooming, training, as well as boarding.

Affinity Retreat

Their website loads up to the slogan Cut, Clip, SpoilAffinity Retreat prides itself on its professional grooming services. They specialize in the treatment of fleas and ticks, tear stains, as well as shedding. The facility’s Grooming Salon & Spa offers shampooing/conditioning, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning. They also offer nail filing to go along with brushing, coloring, and custom styling tailored to your dog’s needs. Discount pricing is available to customers looking into monthly, bi-weekly, as well as weekly maintenance plans. 

Canine Country Club, Inc. 

This place boasts a team of Master Trainers who share a combined 50 years of experience between them. The Canine Country Club invites struggling dog owners to consider their comprehensive obedience training program. Whether the issue at hand concerns housebreaking, aggression, or general unresponsiveness, the Canine Country Club promises behavioral breakthroughs. They have praise and positive reinforcement offered throughout their three levels of training. Hand signals as well as verbal commands that teach your dog to sit, stay, come, and heel are all learned upon completion of the 10-day-long initial training course. Check out their free consultation! 

Okatoma Kennel

Hattiesburg cat owners may rejoice knowing that boarding services at Okatoma Kennel don’t only accommodate their canine counterparts. They have indoor and outdoor facilities designed to house dogs by size and activity level. There are also “Kitty Condos” supplemented by a playroom that allows for exercise. Customers submitting more than one application may request that their pets board together. What’s more, all facilities are air-conditioned and heat controlled.

These pet care services in Hattiesburg all provide some combination of grooming, training, and boarding services. What’s more, you can arrange for a “pet taxi” or schedule drop-off and pick-up times for your cat or dog. Also, feel free to explore some of the contact-free veterinarian options in the area!

If you happen to be in the market for a pet-friendly residence, our apartments in Hattiesburg, MS may be your place! Contact us today.

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