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Hattiesburg Vets Offer Contact-Free Services

At Breckenridge Park, we understand that your pet is part of the family. You, understandably, want to ensure they are receiving the best possible care while also protecting your health and safety. Now, you and your animal can rest easy. Here are two Hattiesburg vets offering contact-free services, just minutes away from our Hattiesburg apartments.

Animal Medical Center

Animal Medical Center believes in having everything you need in one convenient location. They provide boarding, grooming, vaccinations, dental services, dog training, and even pet taxis to help transfer your animal to and from the facility. This is all in addition to the wellness and preventative care you would expect at the vet.

Currently, Animal Medical Center is offering curbside services to protect you and your pet. When you arrive for your appointment, simply stay in your car and a staff member will be by to retrieve your pet with their own leash. Then, when the appointment is over, they will drop your animal back off. They take payment over the phone, so you never have to leave your car. You can also order food and medicine online for delivery to your Hattiesburg apartment. 

Town and Country Animal Hospital 

Helping Hattiesburg pets for over 20 years, Town and Country Animal Hospital employs three qualified doctors to ensure your animal has the highest standard of care. They provide numerous services, including boarding, flea and tick protection, heartworm prevention, and general wellness visits. Currently, they are implementing additional cleaning procedures and innovative services to reduce contact. They offer curbside retrieval for your animal and then deliver them safely back to your vehicle when the appointment is finished. They also provide an online pharmacy, with medicine and food that can be bought and delivered directly to your door.

Your beloved pet will be in good hands at either of these Hattiesburg vets. For more contact-free services, check out all the virtual offerings from our local Hattiesburg library. To schedule a virtual tour of our luxury apartments in Hattiesburg, contact us today. We’d love to share with you all the reasons we love our community at Breckenridge Park.

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