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Join a Virtual Meeting in Downtown Hattiesburg

Lend your voice and help shape your community! Join the virtual meeting in downtown Hattiesburg from the comfort of your home. On the first Thursday of each month, the Downtown Hattiesburg Association (DHA) meets to discuss the affairs of Hattiesburg. It also doesn’t matter if you just moved to our Hattiesburg apartments or if you’re a life-long resident. All are welcome! Areas of downtown focus include: 

The Downtown Hattiesburg Farmers Market

The Downtown Hattiesburg Farmers Market is an open-air market held in Town Square Park. Which operates every Thursday afternoon from March to October. For almost two decades the Farmers Market has been a go-to destination for fresh produce as well as local crafts. Relying heavily on volunteers, this integral part of the downtown landscape continues to connect the community with local farmers, artists, as well as artisans. 

Live at Five Concert Series

Music lovers rejoice! Live at Five organizers have recently announced the return of downtown Hattiesburg’s favorite concert series. Now with social distance considerations. Specific details are still emerging. We also know that Live at Five will continue to be a free event hosted in Town Square Park. Follow the Live at Five Facebook page for updates on social distance requirements, music line-ups, as well as scheduling. 

Hattiesburg Half Marathon

The 10th annual Hattiesburg Half Marathon is coming up fast! Scheduled for April 10th, this race begins and ends in downtown Hattiesburg. This year, the event is focusing its efforts on fundraising. Offering its participants the opportunity to run for one of 14 community-based non-profit organizations. Stay up to date on Hattiesburg Half Marathon registration deadlines as well as social distancing requirements before you lace up!

Downtown Hattiesburg offers a vibrant hub for commerce as well as the community. As you join DHA’s virtual meeting in Hattiesburg, help keep it thriving by checking out these new businesses located downtown.

If you’d like to learn more about joining the Breckenridge Park community, feel free to contact us today! We are happy to show you what are Hattiesburg apartments have to offer.

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