Male and female opera singers performing for Opera Mississippi.

Enjoy Opera Mississippi from Home

Opera Mississippi began in 1945 after a group of fearless ladies decided to bring grand opera to Jackson Today. In fact, it’s the country’s ninth oldest continuously operating opera company. Opera Mississippi also offers dynamic shows, and you can discover past performances and more from home. Here is some of what you can enjoy from our Hattiesburg apartments:

Opera Virtuale

Recorded on April 18th, Opera Virtuale features performers from across the United States. With songs from both opera as well as musical theater, it truly offers something for everyone. Hosted by famed Mississippi television personality, Walt Grayson, this one-hour show helped ensure the opera company has another 75 successful years.


Don’t miss Dr. Michael Bunchman and Dr. Maryann Kyle as they share the sounds of yesteryear. Both Michael as well as Maryann believe in the healing power of music. That’s why they provide an unforgettable show that “gives us pause to reflect on the sweet memories of the past.”

Fierce Femmes

Join Michal Doron and Stacey Trenteseaux as they present Fierce Femmes. The duo offers a performance filled with dramatic opera arias from well-known composers. You can also feel Michal and Stacey’s passion as they bring each song to life.

Future Stars of the Stage

On November 20th, Opera Mississippi highlighted the twelve finalists from the John Alexander Vocal Competition. In the Young Professional Artist category, Ricardo Garcia took home the top honor. He was also followed by Alexandra Kazskazoff as well as Kelly Glynnis. Enjoy the Future Stars of the Stage concert to hear their incredible voices as well as see their amazing performances.

After enjoying Opera Mississippi, explore the Delta Blues Museum from the comfort of your home. You can learn about legends Muddy Waters, B.B King, as well as other Blues legends. To become a resident of Breckenridge Park, please contact us. We’d love to show you everything that our apartments in Hattiesburg have to offer.

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