Couple watching movies set in Mississippi right in their living room.

Stream Movies Set in Mississippi from Home

Mississippi has long provided inspiration for creative types, and the film industry is no exception. Residents of Breckenridge Park apartments in Hattiesburg might enjoy checking out some movies set in Mississippi. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites for your enjoyment. So, check out these 3 movies set in Mississippi right from […]

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Couple eating hamburgers and enjoying a virtual picnic in at home using a laptop computer.

Enjoy a Virtual Picnic in Hattiesburg

Picnics have long been a way to get together and enjoy good food and drink with family and friends. Unfortunately, this spring and summer, social gatherings were not allowed. And now the weather is a problem. Not to worry, you can brighten up the dreary days of winter with a virtual picnic in Hattiesburg, right […]

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Young couple drinking wine at home.

Wine Shops in Hattiesburg with Takeout or Pickup

Looking for your favorite bottle of wine to complement a perfect indoor dinner date? Need help in unwinding after a long day? Or just to stock up on your wine selection? There are several wine shops in Hattiesburg, near Breckenridge Park apartments that offer take-out or curbside deliveries. Check out these 3 of the best […]

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