Different kinds of refreshing beverages being enjoyed by a group of friends during summer.

Refreshing Beverages to Enjoy at Home this Summer

Living in one of our Hattiesburg apartments at Breckenridge Park, our residents get the daily opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of life’s complexities. It’s the perfect community to relax this summer and enjoy the sparkling pool or taking a stroll around our scenic lake. Summer is always the season for refreshing beverages, and there is something tasty for everyone to sample this summer.

Mocktails to Mix to Enjoy in Your Apartment Home

It is better to leave out the alcohol for healthy as well as refreshing summer beverages. In fact, there are thirst-quenching mocktails that you can mix for time out in the sun that won’t make you feel exhausted by the end of the day. 

These fruity, cold beverages are the perfect concoctions for your summer enjoyment. While omitting alcohol, you’re also getting vitamin C and antioxidants. You can sip these all day long!

Spirits to Serve for Summer Special Occasions

Whether you’re looking for a great wine to pair with a dinner entrĂ©e, or you want to try “zero-proof spirits, dealcoholized wine, booze-freeze craft beer, and beyond,” we have exceptional wine and spirits establishments. Let the knowledgeable staff help you select the excellent beverage for every occasion.

If you’re new to our Magnolia State, the Mississippi Punch is our state’s beverage. In fact, like its name, it has a punch! Be careful, and never drink and drive. 

Exceptional Craft Beers from Local Breweries

Summer is the time for ice-cold brewskies, and Hattiesburg is home to our finest local breweries. If you also missed our 8th Annual Hattiesburg Craft Beer Festival on June 19th, you have something to look forward to next summer.

Ready to taste your first beer? “Beer Styles for Beginners” will help you decide what you may want to taste first. 

You will find an exceptional lifestyle in one of our 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom modern apartments in Hattiesburg. Begin enjoying your first summer in your Breckenridge Park home. Contact us today!

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