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3 Tips for Meal Planning While You Stay at Home

With a little extra time at home, cooking can be a perfect activity to occupy yourself. At-home meals are often a healthier option than ordering takeout, and now is a great opportunity to learn new skills. However, sometimes the most challenging part of cooking is meal planning. Here are three tips that can help you plan your meals and cook like a pro while staying home at our apartments in Hattiesburg.

Look for Inspiration

There are countless resources and recipes to inspire your inner chef. Search recipes online to find something that suits your tastes. There are plenty of simple recipes using accessible ingredients that taste great. That does not mean that you must follow a specific dish’s recipe step by step. You might find the vegetable from one dish sound great, but want to add the protein from another. Feel free to get creative. 

Use What’s in Your Fridge and Pantry

You might be surprised you have plenty of ingredients in your home that can create a great meal. Take inventory of what you have and note what has a shelf life and what needs to be used promptly. Then search recipes that use these ingredients to see if anything sparks your interest. Start with vegetables and discover how you can incorporate those into a meal. Then move on to any grains or proteins that you have and get to cooking.

Make Sure You Have Kitchen Essentials

There is nothing worse than starting a meal and realizing you don’t have the means to make your meal the best it can be. Ensure that you have some essential items to support your cooking. Chances are you already have your proteins and sides that you want to cook, but do you have the items needed to actually add some flavor? Make sure you have seasoning, spices, and cooking oil for your meal, as well as any necessary utensils that will make cooking as easy and pleasant as possible. 

There are endless possibilities when meal planning, and cooking is an opportunity to have fun and get creative while spending time at home. If you want more inspiration for stay-at-home activities, check out our blog. And if you’re looking a for a new place to call home, please contact us. We would love to tell you more about our community at Breckenridge Park.

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