Sloth hanging from a tree

Pay a Virtual Visit to the Hattiesburg Zoo

If you’re like many of us at Breckenridge Park, you may have been missing cultural experiences like visiting museums or going to the zoo. Luckily, experiencing your favorite animals can be as easy as opening your laptop when you pay a virtual visit to the Hattiesburg Zoo. More people are enjoying wildlife from the comfort of our Hattiesburg apartments, and here’s how you can too: 

For Sloth Lovers

Getting a decent view of a sloth in action is a gift few people receive, even during the holidays. Without leaving home, you can learn about and observe Chewy and Mo, a pair of Hoffman’s two-toed sloths. A live camera set up in these nocturnal animals’ enclosure gives wildlife enthusiasts a chance to watch the two friends enjoy themselves from the comfort of home. To catch as much sloth action as possible, viewers should try to visit after sunset during their most active hours.


The Hattiesburg Zoo website also features more ways to learn about your favorite animals in their Edzoocation section. Pop out tabs will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your favorite critters. From the green tree python to the cute-as-can-be coatimundi, you’ll be amazed by what you learn.

Support The Animals

Above all else, an animal lover’s desire is to have an enriching experience with an admirable creature. Although many direct encounters are currently unavailable, wildlife fans may choose to become a part of Hattiesburg Zoo’s Animal Care Crew and adopt an animal for a varying fee. Donate $50, $100, or $150 to support care and enrichment for the animal of your choosing. Then, depending on the amount, you may receive an official certificate of adoption, a photograph, or a special zoo tour for 2. 

Paying a virtual visit to the Hattiesburg Zoo isn’t the only way to appreciate the world beyond your Hattiesburg apartment. Balancing staying inside with spending a few hours in the sun is beneficial. Consider visiting the local parks nearby to experience some of our city’s natural beauty. And if you’re looking for your own cozy space to observe sloth antics, contact us today.

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